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Our mission is to help visually impaired people all over Georgia discover their athletic potential, from recreational fun to the Paralympics.

Nonprofit organization

Founded in 2011, Georgia Blind Sports Association is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that serves as an advocate for youth and adult visually impaired athletes in Georgia.

One of the most unique sports in the world. Goalball is a fast paced, highly competitive sport for the visually impaired.

Everybody is able to go for a ride with GBSA’s tandem-cycling club.

Opportunities to get involved. In addition to sports and recreation, GBSA, focuses on activities to help visually impaired individuals get involved with a variety of different activities.

Georgia Blind Sports Association is proud to host the Southeast Regionals Goalball Tournament. Want to be a part of the games? We have a volunteer form where you can sign-up.

Join us for camps, like Camp Abilities that takes place every year during Memorial weekend.